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About Mozaik

Watch videos, Listen to Music, Read e-books, play games… Experience French in action

It has often been said that an effective way to learn French is to immerse yourself in it--experience it—share it —have fun with it! Welcome to Mozaik Online.

Mozaik Online offers teachers, students and parents a variety of multimedia French language resources for grades 1 through 8. Multimedia Resources are curriculum-based and offer variety of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities for accommodating today’s Differentiated Classroom.

Multimedia Resources include:

  • Videos depicting real-life scenerios
  • Songs, Chants & Music Videos
  • Interactive e-books with narration
  • Fun games and assesments
  • Graphic organizers

Mozaik also includes support and assessment tools for teachers.

Choose How You Want to Teach & Learn:

Mozaik’s online platform allows teachers and students to login and choose the way they want to teach and learn—Mozaik is flexible, up-to-date and ever-expanding.

  1. La Salle de Class – features curriculum-based units in a virtual classroom setting. Resources are structured by theme to address specific requirements. Send your students here to participate in ready-made lessons.
  2. La Salle d’ activités – an activity room filled with fun, open-ended resources. Explore by theme of by the type of activity—watch a video, sing a song, read a story. Send your students here to explore and have fun!

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The Big Picture

Everyone is different. Every teacher has a unique teaching style; every student learns differently. With this philosophy in mind, Mozaik Online brings together all the people and educational components that make up a thriving learning environment--an environment that can adapt and grow along with its students!

Mozaik Online connects:

  • Educators - teachers, tutors, school board administrators
  • Students, parents, families
  • Authors, creators, resource providers

How can Mozaik Online work for you?

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