Our Philosophy

At Mozaik Online, we understand that an effective learning experience is a shared learning experience. There are students, parents, teachers and school administrators. And there are authors, educators, artists and resource providers. Mozaik brings everyone together through an online platform, filled with interactive resources that encourage interaction and participation. All About Mosiak Teaching

The big picture? Everyone is different. Every teacher has a unique teaching style; every student learns differently.

How do you accommodate everyone?

Design a platform that gives students and teachers choice and flexibility. Mozaik Online uses today’s technology to bring multimedia resources and people together. The ability to easily connect, choose how you want to teach and learn, and adapt to changing needs is essential for learning in today’s Differentiated Classroom.

Mozaik Online supports current FSL programs & empowers the teacher. Teachers can choose from structured lessons or stand-alone activities to use in the classroom and at home. Mozaik Online multimedia resources support all French programs. Our goal is to make the teacher’s job easier.

Mozaik Online recognizes that no two students are alike — empower your students. Based on Research from Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory, we understand that each student has a unique learning style, ability and talent. Mozaik Online’s multimedia resources offer choice for students of all learning styles, talents and abilities.

Learning should be an active, fun experience! Mozaik Online allows students and teachers to bring lessons and stories to life through audio, video, music, interactive games and eBooks. We believe in demonstrating real-life scenarios in lessons. Allowing students to relate and apply their own creativity is key– active participation with peers and parents can have a lasting impact –why not have fun and learn at the same time?

Experience French in Action. This is Mosaic Online.